Yosemite Hilltop Cabins, Lupin Cabin Vacation Rentals

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Yosemite Hilltop cabins are in residence for Yosemite National Park in the small community of Foresta. It’s hard to believe that such a peaceful and quiet place like this there are only fifteen minutes from Yosemite Valley is sometimes crowded.

Note this list is for Lupin’s cabin. Calendar listings and availability for Sage cabins are also on VRBO HomeAway property number 815550. Both cabins on the same property have the same floor plan and feature almost identical.

Yosemite Hilltop Cabins, Lupin Cabin,15 min to the Valley floor, Wifi

The cabins are very personal. Although Sage and Lupin cabin situated to each other they are oriented to maintaining maximum privacy. Each cabin has a wood beam ceilings as high as 17 feet with ceiling fan and plenty of windows to take advantage of the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. When you are in the cabin you can see the top of El Capitan, Yosemite in the world famous 3000 ft tall granite cliffs.

Each cabin has a master bedroom with King-size bed and cozy down comforters. They also have Turkey Bath, full kitchen, and a reading loft. Each cabin also has its own terrace with high-quality gas barbecue Weber

When you arrive in Your stateroom will be no bed linens and a clean towel in the bathroom. There will be a brand name shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower. You will only need to bring food, clothing and toiletry items.

Hiking and running trails with wildflowers, waterfalls and fantastic wildlife can be accessed directly from the cabin.