Yosemite Climbing Guides in the Sierra Nevada, and the European Alps

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Climbing classes are generally of seven and a half hours long and meet every day at 8:30 am in the Mountaineering school in the village or Half Dome Tuolumne Meadows. The Yosemite climbing guides class is designed to be taken sequentially and guides suggest a multiple-day approach: with each class that builds on top of what has already been learned the day before.

Class size Yosemite climbing guides are limited to six students per instructor, and the minimum age for non-parentally supervised climbing lessons is 12. The kids are 10 and 11 years old can join the regular classroom with adults who were watching. Children under 10 can participate in private lessons with adults.


Yosemite climbing guides custom classes and private lessons

Welcome to Rock $143.00

Designed for beginners, you’ll learn the basics when you start climbing and refuse at an altitude of up to 60 feet. Our expert guides make it fun and memorable experience, with safety as the first priority. The maximum class size is six students per instructor.

Crack Climbing $148.00

The second class in our series focuses on different climbing techniques, expanding on what you learned in the first grade. You will learn the basics of crack climbing, protection techniques, and simple anchors. Throughout the day, you’ll climb and beat back under the supervision of our expert Yosemite climbing guides. If you’ve never ridden in the climbing gym, this is a great transition to climb outdoors. The maximum class size is six students per instructor.